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The sun is an incredible and renewable resource that has the power to fuel life on earth and provide clean, sustainable energy to all of its inhabitants.

The sun shines all over the world, making solar electricity viable anywhere. Because solar can be paired with batteries for energy storage, solar electric systems can be independent of the utility grid, making them cost-effective for remote locations. Solar modules have no moving parts making maintenance costs low, and they are highly reliable with a long service life of 25+ years of guaranteed electricity. Solar electricity relies on the sun as its fuel source, so there is no need to drill for petroleum-based fuels, refine them, or deliver them to the site. As you can see, there are a lot of advantages of solar energy.

Water solar:
Introduction for water solar system: Putting solar panels on water bodies avoids land-use conflicts. It also boosts PV efficiency due to the temperature-regulating effect of water and minimal shading, while the water body benefits from reduced algae growth and evaporation. solar cells become less efficient as they heat up, the water's cooling effect can increase their conversion ability by as much as 20 percent. Benefits include reduced shading, reduced civil works, reduced grid interconnection costs, reduced water evaporation, improved water quality, and reduced algal blooming. The potential for further growth in floating solar photovoltaic power generation is significant.

Kalaivani consultancy will take all the initiatives for the solar:

Step 1: Our consultancy will meet the company person and get all the information of the products regarding solar and also the background of the company and their experiences.

Step 2: Meet the investor and confirm the deal from both the sides. Make a corporation and start working on that.

Step 3: Get all the government permits and licence which are required as per that country . negotiate also with the government for the price

Step 4: After getting all permission from the government of that country will start shipping goods from india to that country and install the solar as per the government rules. It will take 8-12 months to install the solar power or solar farm.

Step 5: Payment mode will be 50% on advance and 50% as soon as the goods arrives that country and based on LC ( letter of credit )

Our company will give 25years warranty on solar panels if maintained properly by the owner of the solar farm.

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