MBBS in Mauritius

Mauritius is an English speaking country . Also, it resembles a lot of India. Many Indians settled in Mauritius a couple of generations ago. Students can see strong roots to India and languages. Apart from English, many Indian languages are seen across the country. So, Indian students don’t feel awkward or sick in a foreign destination.

Indian students select to study MBBS in outside nations for some reason. After giving the NEET examinations and analyzing the various medical institute conditions, students prefer studying MBBS in abroad because of the quality teaching and facilities. Numerous nations select Indian students in MBBS courses. China, Georgia, Russia, and so forth are a couple of nations favored by Indian students to study MBBS abroad. MBBS in Mauritius is one of the alternatives for Indian students to seek their medical dream. Mauritius is a country with wonderful natural resources. The surrounding environment helps people to gain a new lifestyle with easy adaptation. So this feature of Mauritius Medical Universities attracts many students to get admission. The education is of high quality offered by the Mauritius Medical Universities at an affordable cost. This opportunity is useful for students aiming to become a doctor. It is easy to get admission to the medical colleges of Mauritius and no entrance test is conducted for it. Indian professors and other faculty members are working in medical colleges with years of experience. They approach the students with a proper ratio of 7:1 which helps them acquire excellent knowledge and skill in their specialized subjects. Their coaching makes the students clear the MCI screening test easily. The people in Mauritius speak multi-languages like Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Hindi, English which helps them to mingle with the people around there. The medium of instruction is English which benefits the students for their MBBS education. Students are given enough training along with the duration of their MBBS program which creates a real-life experience in serving the people in the hospitals. So, MBBS in Mauritius gives rise to esteemed doctors to the world.

What are the advantages of studying MBBS in Mauritius:

  • There is no donation or capitation received for admission.
  • The admission process of medical Universities is very quick.
  • The fee structure is affordable for the medical course.
  • The Medical Universities of Mauritius provides recognized degrees worldwide.
  • Most of the Universities offer Indian foods.
  • Medical universities follow the MCI pattern of the syllabus.
  • The medical colleges have experienced Indian faculty members.
  • The country ensures complete safety and security for the students.
  • The climatic condition is suitable for all the students and it is a pollution-free environment.
  • The culture and other practices are sane as that of India.

Top Colleges & Universities:

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SSR Medical College

  • Est. 0000
  • Belle Rive

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